Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. is a leading producer of carts, trucks and containers used in facilities throughout the United States. The Royal brand is recognizable in markets such as material handling, hospitality, healthcare, commercial laundry, education, recycling, athletics, property management, retail, warehousing and distribution.

We are proud to be a Wisconsin-based manufacturer located in Darien, WI. The company is built on a solid foundation of innovation, hard work, creativity and extraordinary quality and service.

Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. began 1982 manufacturing general material handling carts made of vinyl and canvas. Over time, the company has grown and is known today for products made of vinyl and canvas, molded plastics, steel, PVC and steel wire. We use a unique and extremely efficient lean manufacturing process to build world-class products to order and ship with very short lead times.

Building to order allows us to maintain a minimum order quantity of one (1). Most importantly, building to order offers flexibility for slight modifications in dimensions, caster changes and color. Royal can also engineer fully custom cart solutions with the goal that every customer should have the right cart for their environment and application.

The Royal Customer Service Team offers top expertise and service. Although Royal does not sell direct, our team is available for product assistance and support in standard and custom cart solutions. Royal products are supported by a top-tier distribution channel of broad-line and industry-specific distributors.

Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. is honored to produce quality material handling solutions for some of the most demanding markets. The next time you stay in a hotel, pass a linen delivery truck, watch college or pro sports, visit a clinic or hospital, move a student into a college dorm, walk through an airport, grocery or retail store – please know that Royal carts are hard at work behind the scenes. We truly believe that Royal carts deserve an opportunity to support the processes in your business. Sort, collect and transport in style – Royal Basket Trucks, Inc. is ready to take on your material handling challenges and help improve your efficiencies.