Royal builds all carts to order with a minimum order quantity of ONE. Our goal is to help you get precisely the right cart for your application in your environment! Building to order allows you to specify non-standard dimensions, upgrade or change casters, specify custom fit or functionality, or add custom accessories.

Slight modifications in height, width and/or basket depth of vinyl/canvas carts offers an easy way to improve your efficiency. Place the right size cart next to a conveyor belt, under a chute for receiving products or laundry, in a closet or under a table.

Screen Printing and Labeling provides the opportunity to specify how a cart is used or to brand with company or team logos or graphics. Vinyl and canvas materials can be screen printed. Plastic carts are compatible with vinyl adhesive labels.

Custom can also mean CUSTOM. Our engineering and special projects team works closely with our sales support team to design and produce truly custom cart solutions specific to your environment and your process. When your process needs to become more efficient and standard carts do not meet your needs, consider a custom cart design.

Contact the Royal Team for additional information and assistance with any custom needs.

Toll Free: 1-800-426-6447
Direct: 262-882-1227, ask for customer service

Royal Basket Custom carts